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(W x L x H)
Size Guide
Full / Light Grey
82.5" x 61" x 46"
107.59 lb
Full / Charcoal
82.5" x 61" x 46"
107.59 lb
Queen / Light Grey
87.5" x 67 X 46
128.97 lb
Queen / Charcoal
87.5" x 67 X 46
128.97 lb
King / Light Grey
87.5" x 83 x 46
148.15 lb
King / Charcoal
87.5" x 83 x 46
148.15 lb
  • Kiln-dried solid Acacia wood and engineered wood with an Acacia wood veneer
  • Wood Finish: Covered in an oil-based Acorn finish
  • Upholstered cushion

Our Beds are designed in California and our materials are sourced globally.

All OkiOki items come with a 30 Day Warranty.

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What are the benefits of a platform bed?
Because foundations and box springs are no longer necessary, platform beds are a cost-efficient alternative and require fewer accessories to make an attractive, comfortable sleep setup.

If you struggle with restless nights or squeaky springs, switching to the flatter profile of a platform bed may offer relaxing firmness. Slatted styles ventilate your mattress, reducing the buildup of allergens and mildew. Many platform bed frames also sit low to the ground, making a bed-skirt unnecessary and allowing children to climb up with ease.

How do you clean an upholstered bed?
Since even the most meticulous individuals can spill occasionally, and our skin and hair oils lead to color changes over time, knowing how to care for your upholstered bed will protect your purchase for years to come. Vacuum and steam clean fabric regularly to keep your upholstered bed frame as clean if possible. Applying fabric cleaner spray clears away odors and freshens your space. Blot, don’t rub, stains, and clean with mild soap and water.

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