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OkiEasy (Hybrid)

From $400 $500

A hybrid of foam-encased pocket springs and high-density open-cell memory foam provides a comforting feel that’s soft enough to relieve pressure with support where you need it.

20% Off

OkiFlex (Hybrid)

From $400 $500

A hybrid of foam-encased pocket springs and dense open-cell memory foam provides a balance of softness and support.

20% Off

OkiSoft (Memory Foam)

From $320 $400

Plush feel with a soft top allowing your mattress to gently cradle your body.

20% Off

OkiFirm (Graphite Foam)

From $320 $400

Graphite foam layers provide a firm feel with extra support.

20% Off

Mid-Century Bed

From $480 $600

With a sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship, this Bed is built to last. So put your worries to bed because the timeless look will suit anyone’s style.

20% Off

Box Foundation

From $160 $200

Box Springs are so last year...say hello to your new box foundation. The OkiOki Box Foundation pairs perfectly with our Metal Bed Frame or by itself beneath any of our 4 mattress types.

20% Off

Mid-Century Nightstand

$200 $250

Beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed, this hand-painted Nightstand features sustainable wood made from kiln-dried solid Acacia and engineered with an Acacia wood veneer giving it a rich Acorn color.

20% Off

Metal Bed Frame

From $48 $60

The OkiOki Metal Bed Frame pairs perfectly with the OkiOki Box Foundation, as well as any of our 4 mattress types.

20% Off

Mattress Protector

From $40 $50

Waterproof, breathable, and durable, the OkiOki Mattress Protector will keep you safe from whatever life throws at you (or it).

20% Off

Mid-Century 5 Drawer Dresser

$680 $850

This timeless Dresser is expertly constructed of hardwood with dark brass-finished handles, ready to welcome you to the new age of sophisticated storage.

20% Off

Mid-Century 3 Drawer Dresser

$600 $750

This timeless Dresser is expertly constructed of hardwood with dark brass-finished handles, ready to welcome you to the new age of sophisticated storage. While it may be smaller in stature, it makes up for it in purpose.

20% Off

The OkiPillow

From $64 $80

No fuss, just fluff. Made from the highest quality down-alternative, this pillow really packs a punch.

Save 15%

Mattress, Metal Bed Frame, & Box Foundation Bundle

From $528 $660

Investing in good sleep is just the beginning. Make your nighttime setup a dream by bundling your mattress, metal bed frame, and box foundation... and save 15% when you do!

20% Off

Coastal Bed

From $600 $750

Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between, the Coastal Bed will fulfill your decor dreams.

Save 15%

Mid-Century Collection Bundle

From $1,640 $2,050

Your favorite furniture collection just got a little sweeter. You can stop the never-ending search for the perfect bedroom set. Create your dream bedroom with the Mid-Century Bed, 2 Mid-Century Nightstands, and either the 3 or 5 drawer Mid-Century Dresser and save 15% on your purchase.

Save 15%

Mattress & Mid-Century Bed Bundle

From $800 $1,000

Raise your hand if getting into bed is the best part of your day. Yep, us too. Why not go to bed in style? Purchase any mattress with the popular Mid-Century Bed, and save 15% when you do! Choose an OkiSoft, OkiEasy, OkiFlex, or OkiFirm mattress, then sweeten your set-up with a Mid-Century Bed. Sleep never looked this good.

20% Off

Weighted Blanket

From $72 $90

That comfy, cozy, calming feeling...all wrapped up into one amazing blanket.

20% Off

Coastal Nightstand

$160 $200

Our OkiOki Coastal Nightstand is reminiscent of driftwood you’d find while walking along the coast, but a tad more polished and way more functional.

20% Off

Sleepy Sheet Set

From $100 $125

Slip into something more comfortable, Oki? When you are ready to turn in for the night, the sheets you’re tucking into can make all the difference.

20% Off

Sleepy Duvet Cover

From $80 $100

You should judge a bed by its Duvet Cover, Oki? That’s why we created the OkiOki Sleepy Duvet Cover. Made from 100% organic cotton, this cover is soft, comfy, and cool.

20% Off

Coastal 3 Drawer Dresser

$560 $700

Put your ear to a seashell and hear the calm call of your new favorite bedroom piece, the Coastal 3 Drawer Dresser.

20% Off

Coastal 5 Drawer Dresser

$640 $800

Bring the serenity of the coast straight to your bedroom with the oh-so-beautiful Coastal 5 Drawer Dresser.

Save 15%

Coastal Collection Bundle

From $1,480 $1,850

Embrace the staycation and transform your bedroom into the perfect relaxation destination. Plus, save 15% on the Coastal Bed, 2 Coastal Nightstands, and either the 3 or 5 drawer Coastal Dresser when you purchase as a bundle. Made with sustainable Acacia wood with a light brown glaze, this furniture will complement any decor and create the ambiance you’ve been searching for.

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