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Bedtime Stories

The OkiOki Blog, useful reading material discussing the art of sleep.

OkiOki’s 2021 Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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How to Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

Life these days can be so fast-paced, we all need a place to escape, recharge, and relax. That place should be your bedroom. Unfortunately, for many of us, that bedroom isn’t optimized to be the relaxation chamber it needs to be to get a good night’s sleep. With this all in mind, we have a few tips to turn that boring bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

This Blog is Better Than Your IG Feed, Oki?

Facebook and Instagram are down and you're bored. We get it, Oki? That's exactly why we had time to create this blog. Do you realize how much time you spend on social? We were definitely in denial. Still, it resulted in us putting together this exceptional (if we do say so ourselves) collection of our favorite dog content from over the years. Enjoy. 

The Best 4 Podcasts to Listen to Before Bed

Whether you’re on a road trip, cleaning the house, commuting to work, or just sick of your Spotify music library, podcasts are awesome. But have you ever used podcasts as a sleep aid? Sure, you could listen to the wind or the distant hum of the nextdoor neighbor’s television but if you’re anything like us, you need a better distraction from your mind’s endless pondering of tomorrow’s to-do list.

Why Are Mattress Prices Rising Across the Industry?

So, you’re browsing online for a new mattress and you just caught a glimpse of the price… Suddenly, your jaw drops down to your feet...

Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Your bedroom could be the reason you're sleeping poorly. Follow these easy tips to curate your space into sleep heaven.

What’s Up With the Spanish Siesta?

Originating from the Romans, the siesta is a midday nap or rest period often practiced in regions where the afternoon heat is so severe, it leaves you feeling like a sun-dried tomato. Read on to see where the siesta stands today!

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