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Bedtime Stories

The OkiOki Blog, useful reading material discussing the art of sleep.

How ASMR Can Help You Relax

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Can’t Hardly Weight: Why You Need a Weighted Blanket Now

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ve probably heard of weighted blankets. If you have been sleeping under a rock, you are clearly fond of sleeping under heavy things and may welcome a softer alternative. 

You may be thinking... Why would I need a weighted blanket when I am already being crushed by the weight of tomorrow’s worries? Look no further than the OkiOki Weighted Blanket.

5 Benefits of Foam Mattresses

Learn more about the benefits of foam mattresses!

The True History of Daylight Saving Time

What is Daylight Saving Time anyway? It’s an annual, government-mandated punishment to rob us all of an hour of sleep, leaving everyone in a state of irritable confusion for days... Oki, maybe not, but it sure feels that way! One thing is for sure, no matter what time zone you’re in, you’ll always get the best sleep on an OkiOki.

More Tips for Better Sleep

We love sleep, and you should too. Sleep affects our energy, our happiness, and essentially everything we do. By implementing just two or three of these sleep tips into your daily routine, you could improve not just the quality of your sleep, but also the quality of your life outside your OkiOki.

Bedhead Bangers: An Anthology of Songs About Sleep

Now, let’s go back in time and walk you through some of the classics that touch on all things related to sleep, like dreams, beds, nightmares, etc. Throw on a pair of headphones, sprawl across your pillowy OkiOki (don’t forget your OkiPillow), and pretend like you’re in Almost Famous, listening to an expertly curated vinyl selection handed down by your painfully cool older sibling.

Everything You Need to Know About Pillows

Sleep is essential, even if your demanding boss doesn’t agree. The most important investment you can make in your sleep is a quality mattress. The second most important one is your pillow. Choosing the right pillow will help you sleep more soundly, ensuring you always wake up on the right side of the bed. With that being said, let’s have some pillow talk, Oki?

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