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Why You Should Have a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is the best thing you never knew you needed, Oki? For those of you who know, you know, but for everyone else, let us explain.

1. Late-night snacks are risk-free.

First and foremost, a mattress protector enables you to enjoy your midnight munchies and wine in bed without worrying about spills. Any liquid that hits the waterproof fabric will be stopped before leaving an unsightly stain on your mattress. A mattress protector lives in between your sheets and your mattress, so the sheets will still have to be washed. But, let’s be honest, they were probably due for it anyway.

None of us want to see stains on our mattress, and there’s a good reason for trying to avoid them. In many cases, stains on the mattress can void the warranty! Why? Any liquid that seeps into the mattress can cause the foam to break down faster than it should, which can lead to premature sagging, and nobody wants that.

2. Kid-proof, pet-proof, life-proof.

Mattresses are a big investment, even if you choose an affordable option like OkiOki. Unfortunately, if you have kids or pets, you know that accidents happen - there’s no avoiding them. Luckily, a mattress protector is the perfect defense against life’s little mishaps. This simple item is a discreet, easy way to ensure your mattress always stays fresh and clean.

It’s not just the liquids you have to worry about though. You may not realize it, but over time, bacteria and debris accumulate within your mattress! This microscopic build-up can worsen allergies and affect your health. In fact, this is one of the reasons many people end up replacing their mattresses. A mattress protector can help extend the life of your mattress by 5-10 years!

3. Easy cleaning.

The great thing about mattress protectors is that once you put one on, you can forget about it for a while. Mattress protectors don’t need to be cleaned as often as sheets because they are not in direct contact with your skin.

Similar to sheets, a mattress protector is easy to remove. When it’s time to wash it, just throw it in the washing machine with your normal detergent. The durable material of an OkiOki Mattress Protector will hold up against many washes, so you can use and abuse it as much as you want.

4. Perfect fit.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a mattress protector is how it fits on your mattress. If the protector is too loose, it will bunch under your sheets in an uncomfortable way and make noise when you move around. If it is too small, you run the risk of it riding up and not covering your mattress completely. Needing to constantly adjust an ill-fitting protector is more aggravation than it’s worth!

That’s why OkiOki came up with a simple solution. We’ve added a drawstring feature to the elastic band that wraps around the bottom of the mattress. Easy to use, this drawstring allows you to secure a perfect, snug fit around any mattress, every time!

5. You can try it out.

Like all OkiOki products, you can try out our Mattress Protector before committing to it long-term. For 365 nights, test the breathable, soft fabric, and adjust the drawstring to find the ideal fit on your mattress.


This protector is nothing like the plastic ones you remember from your childhood. The technical fabric is an almost invisible layer of defense against all of your mattress’s greatest enemies. For just $40, you can protect your health and your mattress. This isn’t just another bedding option, it’s a necessity! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the OkiOki mattress protector today.




Written by Alyssa Bansbach

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