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The Best 4 Podcasts to Listen to Before Bed

Whether you’re on a road trip, cleaning the house, commuting to work, or just sick of your Spotify music library, podcasts are awesome. But have you ever used podcasts as a sleep aid? Sure, you could listen to the wind or the distant hum of the next door neighbor’s television but if you’re anything like us, you need a better distraction from your mind’s endless pondering of tomorrow’s to-do list.

So rest your weary head on an OkiPillow and set your Spotify sleep timer. At least one of these podcasts is sure to lull you to sleep.

The Empty Bowl

Cereal is probably in the top 5 least exciting topics to discuss, right next to insurance and your best friend’s baby shower. Described as “a meditative podcast about cereal,” The Empty Bowl is literally just two guys talking about cereal for half an hour. Are you yawning yet? Good, that’s the point. 

Tara Brach

Tara Brach is like that one silver-haired spiritual lady in paint-stained overalls who’s always tending her garden. You know, the aunt we all have or wish we had. A meditation teacher and psychologist, Tara uses her podcast to discuss topics such as our connection to the earth, overcoming addictive behaviors, self-compassion, and forgiveness - with a few corny jokes mixed in. There are no surprises, as the underlying message is always the same - that mindfulness and compassion can heal the soul. Guaranteed to make you smile and is highly likely to put you to sleep.

Hello From the Magic Tavern

Calling all D&D nerds! Actually, you might find this poddy too stimulating if you’re a true D&D nerd. Hello From the Magic Tavern is an improvised comedy podcast taking place in the fictionalized fantasy world of Foon. Each episode features a variety of whimsical characters (guest stars) like wizards and goblins who just kick back and chat with each other. Is fantasy role-playing totally not your jam? Then listen to this podcast, you’ll probably fall asleep in 5 minutes.

Sandman Stories Presents

Feel like a kid again with the ultimate bedtime story podcast. With folktales from China, India, and Ghana, to name a few, you’ll become immersed in cultural stories from around the world. The host, Dustin Steichmann, has the sweet cadence of a teacher reading to a group of snoozing Kindergarteners. Grab a blankie and drift away to dreamland.

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