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Some slept-on information

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

We know what you’re thinking... “Sleep is great! Getting into bed with no responsibilities, dreams where you can fly far above the traffic of your daily commute, what’s not to like?” While this is all true, there are also some important health benefits of sleep that many of us are unaware of. With human beings sleeping for about ⅓ of their lives, it is truly imperative to be sure you’re getting those 8 hours of sleep every night.

Here are some additional sleep benefits you can cite to your friends when you tell them you’re staying in, again.... instead of going out.


Sleep improves the way your body feels.

While sleeping may feel restful to you, your body is constantly working while you sleep to make new cells and proteins in order to rebuild muscle and damage from the day. In addition to this, sleep can help reduce inflammation in the body caused by stress, putting you at a lower risk for heart disease and diabetes.


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Sleep has a positive effect on cognitive ability.

During sleep, your brain is storing important information learned throughout the day in your long-term memory. This process, called "consolidation," strengthens communicating nerve cells in the brain. Not only does the brain consolidate important information from the day, but it also discards unneeded information.


Sleep keeps you healthy.


Sleep has a direct effect on your immune system as well. Your body produces protective proteins that help fight off viruses while you sleep. In addition to this, sleep has also been instrumental in maintaining a healthy weight, as sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sectors of the brain.


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Sleep can boost creativity.


While your brain consolidates information from the day, there is also evidence to suggest it rearranges and reorganizes these memories. This suggests that a full night of sleep may benefit creative endeavors. In addition to this, research from Harvard University and Boston College found that the emotional elements of memory are strengthened during sleep, which may also assist in the creative process.


All things considered, your body truly has your best interests at heart. It's always ready to recover from the day and properly prepare for what will come next. We get it, sometimes the episode you’re watching on Netflix left you on a cliffhanger and you just need to watch “one more.” But it’s important to not discount your body’s need for sleep in order to stay productive and make the most of your waking hours.

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