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Pinterest-Worthy Sofas (and how they stack up!)

Let’s face it: we’re all spending a bit more time on our couches these days. Even those of us who might have judged the couch potato lifestyle pre-quarantine have probably logged more couch time recently than we’d like to admit. So, why not make the most of the situation by using this as the perfect excuse to get a new couch? You have our permission. To help you on your journey toward a new and improved sofa, we’ve rounded up some of the most Pinterest-worthy couches on the market right now. Check out these stunning sofas from your favorite brands and see how they stack up!

Velvet Elegance

Crate & Barrel - $2,499

Coming in at the more expensive end of the couch-cost spectrum is the Aidan Sofa from Crate & Barrel. This olive beauty (also available in other colors, though with longer ship times) is sure to class up any living room or lounge space, bringing a boozy sophistication with its sultry velvet upholstery and hardwood legs. Crate & Barrel isn’t re-inventing the wheel here, but when the wheel looks this good, why bother? 

Class Act

West Elm - $1,899

Next up is the Bradford Sofa from West Elm. This modern take on the iconic Chesterfield style features a button-tufted back and sleek wooden legs. Available in 89 different colors and fabrics, the Bradford Sofa aims to please. You might find so many options daunting though, and most of these fabrics are made-to-order, which leads to longer shipping times. That said, a sofa this classy might be worth the wait! While significantly cheaper than the Aidan Sofa, the Bradford isn’t necessarily for the penny-pincher either, coming in as the second most expensive sofa on our list.

Sitting Pretty

OkiOki - $900

No, that’s not a typo -- the OkiOki Tufted Sofa is coming in hot at just $900. Available in green, light grey, and slate grey and featuring a timeless “tuxedo-style” design, this versatile yet classy fixture fits seamlessly into a variety of design aesthetics. Minimalist? You bet. Mid-mod? No prob. Hollywood glam? Yes ma’am! From tapered legs to button-pulled tufts, the details make this sofa really sing. And with OkiOki’s trusty 100-night trial period and 3-year warranty, the risk vs. reward could not be more reassuring. As the only couch on our list available for under $1,000, consider adding other OkiOki goodies to your cart with some of the dough you’re saving!

Not Mad at the Nomad

Burrow - $1395

In the year 2020, USB chargers are everywhere, even in your couch! That is if you own a Slope Nomad Sofa from Burrow. But the perks of the Nomad don’t stop there. This adaptable sofa features a modular design that can be modified to meet your needs. Expecting a new member of the fam? Whether that’s a baby on the way or your transient cousin who needs to crash at your place for a few weeks, the Nomad can grow (and shrink) to your needs. While it might not have the same OkiOki price-tag appeal, the Nomad’s streamlined look still has us pinning it to our Pinterest board.

Why so Cirrus?

Article - $1099

Rounding out our list is another velvet marvel, the Cirrus from Article. Usher pure sophistication into your living space with this Parisian-apartment style mid-century modern sofa available in 4 colors. The Cirrus feels like it was taken out of a hip cocktail lounge and plopped into your home. Boasting a deep tufted bench seat and austere silhouette, this sofa is begging for a few choice throw pillows for added flair.


Well, that was fun! Anyone else about to buy all 6 of these couches? We’re right there with you. It’s clear that there’s an embarrassment of riches in the sofa department these days, so figure out your need-to-haves vs. your nice-to-haves to find which one is right for you. When it comes to price and dependability, the OkiOki Tufted Sofa rises to the top of the pack.


Written by Charlotte Beach

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