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OkiOki vs. The Competition

We know that researching for which mattress to buy is exhausting.

Clicking through a bunch of different websites, trying to figure out the difference between marble foam and graphite foam, what you like, what you don’t like. The list goes on, but we’ll stop there. Time is valuable so we want to make this easy for you. We’ve done the research for you. See for yourself how OkiOki compares.


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Price: $1,095


Base Layer, Support Layer, memory foam pressure relief top layer

Product Range: minimal, ranging in price

Return Policy: 100 nights


You want higher quality? More layers? More support? Casper’s got you covered...for another $1,500. Not a typo.



Price: $550


Hybrid - Base Layer, foam-encased pocket coil core, transition layer, memory foam top layer

Foam - Supportive base layer, pressure relieving foam top layers

Product Range: Two hybrid mattresses, two foam mattresses, all varying in firmness and makeup.

Return Policy: 365 nights


OkiOki offers four different mattresses, all at the same price. Don’t know which one to buy? Try the sleep quiz! Still hesitant? You’ve got 365 nights to try out your purchase. Oh, and did we mention the price?


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Price: $999

Construction: Support foam layer, recovery foam layer, comfort foam layer

Product Range: minimal, ranging in price

Return Policy: 100 nights


Sure, this could be a solid option...if you reduced the price by about 50% (see OkiOki).


Price: $799

Construction: 5 layers of foam

Product Range: 2 mattress

Return Policy: 365 nights


Only foam mattresses and one firmness level. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A mattress for everyone, is a mattress for no one.



Price: $1,149

Construction: Support foam layer, comfort foam layer, comfort grid layer

Product Range: three mattresses, ranging in price

Return Policy: 100 nights


That special pressure relieving layer sounds nice...but so does saving $599 and realizing every other foam mattress does the same thing.

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