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Bedtime Stories

Mom’s Going to Love This

We all know that moms are the best, but being a mom can be a stressful job. Make this Mother's Day special by gifting the moms in your life (or yourself!) some much-deserved relaxation. Let OkiOki be your guide to creating a bedroom oasis that you'll never want to leave.

Breakfast in Bed

Starting the day off right is a must-do for moms, and let's face it, nothing makes a day worse than having to run on poor sleep. But don't worry - we have just the solution! We offer four super comfy mattresses so you can easily find one that is tailored to Mom's needs and guarantees the best rest. Not sure which one to pick? Our Sleep Quiz will give you all the answers!

Speaking of mattresses, breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to show Mom that you care. Make her feel loved and appreciated by surprising her with a thoughtfully decorated tray and a delicious plate of breakfast goodies waiting to be devoured. Don't forget to complete her favorite morning meal with a fresh cup of coffee and some of her favorite flowers! And she doesn't even have to worry about spills or messes with our handy mattress protector.

Spa Party

Let’s take it a step further! Thank your mom for all the love and support she has given you by treating her to an at-home spa day. Taking the time to unwind is essential to maintaining a balanced routine, whether at home or at work. Nothing says, "I love you" quite like a day of relaxation and pampering. Think fluffy towels, a cozy robe, and some light finger foods to create a soothing atmosphere. You can also pick up some essential oils, bath salts, and lotions to make her feel extra luxurious. Set up those scented candles, put on some calming music, and let Mama settle back into the OkiPillow for a moment of utter bliss.

Creating a Serene Sanctuary

Mother's Day isn't the only time to show appreciation. Celebrate Mom all year long with a thoughtful gift that will last even longer! A storage solution for her bedroom is the perfect present. You might not think storage space is that big of a deal until you've got a pile of unorganized clothes with nowhere to go and mounting stress from all the mess. Trust us, you can never have enough storage space. That's why everyone loves a big closet, right? For timeless, retro vibes, check out our mid-century collection with three or five drawers. Or go for a breezier, carefree vibe with the coastal three-drawer or five-drawer dresser.

So, here's to all the moms out there. We love you and appreciate all that you do!
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