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Laurel & Pine: Meet Your Mattress

Calling All Sleepyheads

As of July 25th, we’re bringing every type of OkiOki mattress to Laurel & Pine’s first-ever brick and mortar store in sunny Woodland Hills, CA!

We firmly believe that each and every one of our mattresses will exceed your expectations, but when it comes down to it, there’s only one mattress that’s actually right for you. We’re providing you with the convenience of trying every mattress type we carry, so you can narrow it down to the perfect fit. Read on, because we’re laying out all the reasons you need to take advantage of this opportunity, right now!

1. We’re not mind-readers.

The OkiOki online Sleep Quiz is a great way to find the best mattress for you, but nothing is as accurate a read of your preferences as the sensation you get from lying on an actual OkiOki. And with Laurel & Pine, you can do just that! Sleep quiz, we love you, but we’d never miss an opportunity to let our customers lie on one of our, oh-so-dreamy OkiOki mattresses to determine the perfect fit, for an even better night’s sleep.

2. Channel your inner Goldilocks.

After physically testing out all types of OkiOki, you can be confident in your decision. Then, you will wait a short period of time until your “just right” OkiOki arrives on your doorstep. When you order a mattress online, before physically trying it out, you run the risk of having to send back a mattress that you don’t love in exchange for a new one (not to mention the additional waiting time). Skip this step and head to L&P today!

3. We’re handing you off to the experts.

L&P’s knowledgeable staff knows the ins and outs of every mattress that OkiOki offers, all the way down to the very last Ice Yarn stitch. But why stop there? If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, then you’ve come to the right place! L&P is fully staffed with complimentary in-house designers ready to elevate any room!

4. It’s all about your vision.

At Laurel & Pine, everything is designed to inspire. Its clean aesthetic makes it easy to imagine what things will look like in your own home. Say goodbye to mattress stores that offer subpar products in a lackluster environment. Say hello to first-class service and a new OkiOki.

Stop picturing yourself in an OkiOki and go ahead and try one out... Whenever you’re ready, come #MeetYourMattress at Laurel & Pine

21480 Victory Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

Laurel & Pine operates during the following times:

Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM
Sun 11AM-7PM

Rest easy.

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