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Hybrid vs Foam Mattresses

Is a memory foam or hybrid mattress better for me? It’s a question our sleep specialists get often.  The answer varies by individual, so let us explain what the difference between the two is and what makes each unique.

Starting with the very basics. Memory foam is a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. As far as mattresses, it means it’s made up of foam layers–pretty straight forward, right? A hybrid, just like its definition, means it’s composed of mixed parts. These mattresses take parts from traditional mattresses and foam mattresses and combine them.

Memory foam is viscoelastic, which allows the material to form to the shape of your body while also providing great support.  Mattresses made of memory foam are durable and tend to come with warranties of at least 10 years. They’re also easy to keep clean, provide excellent support, and are great for spinal alignment. But, as you know, nothing is perfect. If not modified, foam mattresses can get hot and have little to no bounce, but the benefits tend to outweigh any negatives.

Hybrid mattresses combine the beneficial qualities of innerspring mattresses with foam mattresses. They usually have layers of foam on top with pocketed coils as a base. Coils offer great support and because these tend to be pocketed and paired with foam layers on top, they are much more comfortable than a traditional spring mattress. Hybrids also have a bit more bounce to them and are better for temperature regulation. Due to their makeup, they are a bit heavier than memory foam and usually more expensive (not with some brands though... cough, cough...OkiOki).

While the decision of memory foam versus hybrid primarily boils down to preference, looking at the differences and the pros/cons of each mattress can help you make your final choice. If you don’t want to feel your partner moving around at night or you have specific back or joint problems you may want to try memory foam. If you get hot at night or don’t want to feel like you’re sinking into your mattress, try a hybrid.

If you have any other questions try giving our sleep specialists a call! 1-833-OKIOKI1.


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