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How Should We Frame This? You Deserve Support

A restful night’s sleep is more than the sum of its parts. Have you ever tried sleeping on just a box spring? Just a bed frame? Neither have we. That’s why we wouldn’t expect you to sleep on just a mattress. What are we, a bunch of plebes? Here are a few reasons you might want to think about getting a box foundation and a bed frame for your OkiOki mattress to improve your sleep experience.


Started from the bottom, now we’re here...

Back in the day, people just slept with their mattresses on the bare floor. This may have protected against a fear of monsters hiding under their beds, but made it awfully easy for rats, insects, and other mischievous creatures to roam over them as they slept. As a way to solve this issue, the first box spring was created. It wasn’t the box spring we all know and love, it was actually just a support system of woven rope beneath a mattress. But, it raised it off of the floor, away from the rats and insects, so we’d consider that a raging success! Luckily, today’s choices for box springs and mattress support aren’t quite so medieval.


Ground yourself, not your mattress...

According to feng shui, when you raise your bed off the floor with a box foundation and bed frame, you allow for the circulation of energy underneath the bed. This not only helps to promote restful sleep, but it also stops the buildup of mold and insects underneath your mattress. An added bonus is that with more space, you can store things like pillows, blankets, or even your shoe collection underneath your bed.


Every strong relationship is built on a strong box foundation (and bed frame)...

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard and sometimes you need some extra support to make them last longer. Having a box foundation preserves the life of your mattress by reducing wear and tear through increased support. To address your next question, why is it important to have both a box spring and a bed frame? Fabulous question. A box foundation could scratch your floor if placed directly on it without a bed frame. Your mattress could also slip and slide right off the box foundation if there isn’t a frame. Therefore, mattress + box foundation + bed frame = perfection.


Ease, please!

Here at OkiOki, we’re all about making things as simple as possible. Because getting out of bed is hard enough as it is, .having your bed on a box foundation and a bed frame simply makes it easier to get in and out of bed! Mind you, we said easier, but getting out of bed, especially when you have an OkiOKi, is never easy.


Now with all this great information, let’s pause to take a quick little survey:


Which historical era do you belong in based on your sleep preference?

A. Neolithic Period: You enjoy sleeping on mattresses made up of leaves, grass, and straw, and covered with animal skins.

B. 15th century: You sleep best on a coarse mattress stuffed with pea shucks, straw, and sometimes feathers–if you’re lucky.

C. 21st century: You have the most restful sleep on a mattress that has been delivered right to your home, customized to your desired firmness, set on a supportive box foundation, and all tied together by a beautiful metal frame.

I think we all know which sleep preference we’re leaning towards…or lying towards. So now you might be thinking, where can I get a great box foundation and metal bed frame to support my mattress? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. OkiOKi will soon be offering metal bed frames and box foundations that perfectly complement your mattress. Okay, enough is enough. We’ll get off our soapbox(spring) now.

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