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Harmonize Your Room With Feng Shui

There are plenty of things to love about spring. Sure, the rain and allergies aren’t great, but the weather is getting warmer, summer is right around the corner, and flowers are blooming all around. Our personal favorite, however, is that it’s a great time to clean and refresh your home! To change things up this year, we had the idea to base our spring bedroom refreshment on the ancient Chinese practices of feng shui. Feng Shui is rooted in the belief that everything has energy. In practice, feng shui is essentially organizing an environment in a way that creates balance and harmony to invite positive energy into your home. So, without further adieu, here are our tips to help you feng shui your room and enjoy all the positive energy you can this season.

Create Symmetry

One of the most important ideas of feng shui is symmetry. Any furniture in your room should be set up symmetrically to keep the flow of energy. A simple strategy to create balance is to focus on positioning your bed in the center of the room. Adding a bedside table on either side of your bed increases this symmetry and furthers your feng shui experience! If you’re in need of one or looking to upgrade, check out our Coastal Furniture Bundle! Featuring two beautiful, driftwood-esque nightstands, this package is the perfect feng shui-friendly addition to your room as we head into the summer months.

Establish A Commanding Position

The next step to a feng shui room is to put your bed in a commanding position. Your bed is the most important piece in your bedroom, and it should be in the most recognizable place! According to feng shui experts, the best way to do this is by putting your bed facing the door, but not directly in line with it. According to feng shui beliefs, putting yourself in a commanding position allows you to be more in control of your life. Since your bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your room, it makes sense to make it the center of command.

Keep It Natural

Another way to increase the feng shui of your room is by creating an "earthy and calming" aesthetic. One way to do this is by using natural materials in your bedding and furniture. Too many synthetics can disrupt the flow of energy. At OkiOki, all of our bedding is made with 100% organic cotton, so if you’re looking to feng shui your bedding game this spring, consider our Sleepy Sheet Set and Duvet Cover! To create an even more natural and relaxing feel in your room, consider using more muted colors. Nothing should take up too much attention in your room. That’s why using a more muted tone, like you can find in all of your favorite OkiOki furniture pieces, is perfect to maximize your room’s feng shui!

Remove Distractions

Get rid of those phones! Feng Shui is all about removing unnecessary energy. Your phone isn’t helping you sleep, so it shouldn’t be used in the bedroom. However, feng shui goes even further than the normal “get rid of the phone” advice. Some feng shui experts even classify items like books as a distraction. But If you do want to read before bed, your room should only contain books that you are currently reading. This will minimize the amount of excess energy in your room and help create even more balance. Lastly, feng shui mandates that things like mirrors should also be avoided. Mirrors draw attention to themselves, and in order to create the most feng shui room possible, nothing should have too much attention drawn to itself.

Hopefully, these suggestions give you some inspiration as you aim to refresh your room this spring. Try something new, and let us know if trying feng shui has any impact on your life!

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