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And just like that summer is almost over! Back to the books and the busy schedules. If your child is heading to school this fall make sure to prepare them with the right tools. When it comes to bedrooms, every child deserves the best bedding to get quality sleep and feel comfortable in their space. We might not be able to promise straight A’s, but we can guarantee your child will get quality sleep, preparing them for any school challenge! Check out our suggestions on how to get a good night's sleep this school year.

P.S. You deserve quality sleep as much as they do - being a parent is stressful!

1. Finding A Good Mattress

Sleep plays a crucial role in energy and overall health. Unfortunately, when life gets busy, sleep is the first thing to go. As school starts again, it’s important to realize how sleep affects health and performance. Most young kids need at least 8 full hours of sleep. Luckily, a good mattress can make all the difference. What qualities should you look out for when picking something so important? The first step is to make sure the mattress has cooling technology. OkiOki mattresses are made with ice yarn technology which works to cool down the space.

As a parent, the last thing you need to worry about is paying for a quality mattress AND lugging it home. With OkiOKi, the mattresses are delivered with free shipping. To make it even easier, your child’s mattress starts at $37/mo with Affirm and comes with a bundle of extra goodies - all you need is a down payment!

Lastly, the mattress should have a warranty and return policy. Mattresses are specific to the individual and sometimes they don’t work out. With an OkiOKi, your child can try it out for up to 365 days and if it’s not for them - OkiOKi will come to pick it up! Nervous about quality? OkiOki has a 10-year mattress warranty.


2. Setting Up For A Deep Sleep

Bedtimes? An “Ugh” for parents and kids alike.

It’s never fun trying - or struggling - to put your kid to sleep after a long weekend. We have tips that have helped us get through the night- sleep snacks and quality bedding! We’ve put together this list of sleep snacks to get your kid feeling sleepy and ready for dreamland. Combinations like chocolate and popcorn help release serotonin and magnesium to make your body feel calm, content, and ready for a night of deep sleep. This is all before getting ready for bed, of course!

Unfortunately, a sleepy child is only half the battle. When it comes to the bed itself, the sheets you’re tucking them into can make all the difference between a peaceful sleep or a restless one. We’ve never slept well with scratchy sheets and that’s why we’ve made our OkiOki’s soft, cotton sheets cool and breathable. A good night’s rest is at your fingertips with 100% organic cotton and a 300-thread count for optimal comfort. Don’t worry either, you have 100 days to test it out and see if it’s the right fit for your family.


3. Adding Comfort With A Supportive Pillow

Starting school isn’t all fun and games. New kids, new teachers, and hard classes are all things kids struggle with when going back to school. Give them the gift of the perfect pillow to offer security through the adjustment period. Something comfortable and comforting to rest their head on is the recipe for a good transition! The OkiPillow is made from the highest quality down alternative that offers a good balance of support without feeling like a rock.

Don’t let scrolling through bedding get in the way of your last days of summer. Spend time where it matters. OkiOki offers the Ultimate Sleep Bundle - one click and you’re back to school bedroom shopping is done. Choose any mattress, sheet set, duvet cover, and two pillows (one for emotional support - let’s be real, school is scary), and save 15% on your entire purchase.

It’s not just easy - it's also quality. Our bundles are hypoallergenic, organic, and risk-free - free shipping and free returns! OkiOki helps make back-to-school shopping easy, so you can put your energy where it matters most.

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