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Analyze This: Dream Interpretation

Do you jot down your dreams first thing in the morning, so you can remember them? Are you curious about what they represent and what your psyche may be trying to tell you?

Yeah, we are too.

We’ve combed through folklore, psychology papers, and the deepest corners of the interwebs to find out the meaning behind some of the most common dreams. While there are conflicting theories about the symbolism behind them, we can all agree on one thing- there’s no sweeter relief than waking up and realizing you aren’t actually standing naked in front of your whole 10th-grade class.

Naked & Afraid

Now that nudity is top-of-mind, let’s explore some common interpretations of dreams about birthday suits.

Being naked in places where one should be clothed can represent a sense of vulnerability. It speaks to a person’s feelings that their deepest, most private desires are in danger of being laid bare. It can also symbolize defenselessness, when an individual feels like they don’t have the armor (literal or methapohitrcal) to provide needed protection.

Alternatively, you could be going H.A.M. with home workouts during quarantine and are simply eager to show off your new #lockdownbod.

Snakes on a M'Fing Plane

Ever wonder why Samuel L. Jackson’s cinematic masterpiece Snakes on a Plane became such a cultural phenomenon? Many credit it to the strong imagery evoked by two of the most prominent symbols in nightmares.

Snakes represent a threat or the presence of hidden danger. They caution the dreamer that something is amiss and that trouble lurks close by, even though they may not be able to spot it. The serpentine symbolism often appears when a person’s psyche is telling them not to trust someone in their orbit.

Planes, especially turbulent or crashing ones, signal loss of control and anticipation of failure. Have you ever noticed how few planes actually crash in dreams? That’s because the thought of crashing is almost more troubling than the crash itself.

While planes tend to symbolize more ominous metaphors, they can also represent far more uplifting ones such as soaring to new heights. A smooth ascension and a bird’s eye view of everything below you can also represent a time of triumph and reflection.

Study Buddies

We’ve all had the repeated dream where we are sitting at school and the teacher/professor announces it’s time for a Pop-Quiz. Cue the sweats.

Not to fret, this isn’t your mind telling you that you didn’t study enough or that you aren’t prepared. Instead, it’s your dream’s way of reminding you to take advantage of the opportunity to self-examine and reflect. If someone passes you the answers during the quiz or you share yours with someone else, it means you find this person exceptionally trustworthy.

Run Forrest, Run

While you may find yourself in a dream with endless momentum, unable to stop running, like a 21st century Forrest Gump, your dreams aren’t telling you to become a triathlete. Instead, they are trying to tell you that you need to slow down and be kinder and more patient with yourself.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are all figurative Forrest Gumps, running from one thing to the next, with no slowing down in sight. This is your dream’s way of saying chill out dude, you can afford to relax.

So, listen to your dreams and take a minute to rest, refuel, and be kind to your mind and body. As we all know, there is no better place to do this than on top of a heavenly, supportive OkiOki mattress. It’s your time to rest up, just don’t forget to keep a journal on your new OkiOki Nightstand so you can be sure to track all your wild dreams and explore their deeper meaning.


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Written by Brianna Ziegler

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