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8 reasons why the OkiOki mattress is the best around

We know that buying a mattress is a big decision.

With tons of options for purchasing a mattress in a box, we want you to be confident in your decision to choose OkiOki. Here is what sets us apart from our competitors. 


1. Price

When you buy an OkiOki, you’re paying for your mattress and only your mattress. Unlike other companies, we don’t fold marketing campaigns and other selling expenses into the price of your mattress. With us, you pay for the product. It’s that simple.


2. Globally Sourced Materials

Another way we keep our prices down, while ensuring you get nothing but the highest quality product, is by sourcing from all over the world. This guarantees we get you the best materials from the most efficient manufacturers.


3. Sleep Analysis

It can be difficult to know which type of mattress will work for you. That’s why we’ve created a personalized sleep analysis quiz. It’s quick and easy, and it will make sure you are buying the mattress that will best fit your body’s needs.


4. Choices

We aren’t buying the idea that one mattress will work for anyone and everyone. Choices are important, so we’ve engineered four different mattresses, varying in firmness and support so that you can pick the one that works for you.

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5. 365-Night Policy

The only real way to test out a mattress is to sleep on it. That’s why we give you 365 nights to test out your new OkiOki and if you still don’t love it, you can return it, no questions asked. That being said, we know you’ll love your OkiOki so this is irrelevant.


6. Stylish Ice Yarn Zip Cover

Our mattresses come with an ice yarn zip cover that is actually cool to the touch.  Most competitors claim to have cooling foams but think about this logically. How could a foam that sits in the middle of your mattress possibly keep you cool? Answer: it can’t.


7. No Marketing Fluff

We’re confident in our product so we don’t need to spend large amounts of money on our marketing campaigns. Doing that would only force us to increase the price of our product and that’s just not something we are willing to do.


8. 20+ Years of Experience

This isn’t our first rodeo. With a background of over 20 years in the furniture industry, we’ve become experts in getting you the best products at reasonable prices.


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